Our Chef

Chef Stephane Reinat is a world-class
Boulangerie chef, renowned for his innovative
French-style bread making technique,
as well as high-quality teaching
in prestigious culinary schools.



Chef Reinat’s roots and training are in his native France, under the watchful eyes of Mr. Eric Kayser and Mr. Raymond Calvel. During his time in France, Chef Reinat opened and operated seven bakeries, and worked as a consultant for the French government to improve the quality and educational standards in the bakery industry.

He then worked in Le Cordon Bleu Japan as Technical Director for Boulangerie, in which he taught 1500+ students across the globe and designed 2000+ recipes and cooking course for Le Cordon Bleu Kobe, London, Paris, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Guest Chef


    Mr Kwong Chun Chung

    With 48-year experience in the trade, Mr Kwok Chun Chung is undoubtedly a top-notch baker in both Chinese and Western baking.

    An apprentice of Li Kuk Wah and Li Yuk Choi since 1959, the first generation of pastry Chef at Cherikoff, Mr Kwok furthered his studies at China Grain Products Research & Development Institute at Taiwan (Variety Baking Course) and American Institute of Baking (Production Tracing Management, 
“Italian Bread Making Course”, “Biscuit production Course”).

    Mr Kwok’s professional knowledge has made him the Head Chef for different bakeries in Hong Kong and China.


    Denice Wai

    Denice Wai, hailing from Vancouver, chief instructor and also founder of Six Senses Limited, established 6 Senses Cooking Studio since 2004.

    Initially, Denice targeted her services to the local families. Since then her services have evolved and expanded to include corporations, schools and other groups with special needs.

    Because of her family health history, who are suffering from heart disease, diabetics, food allergy, high blood pressure, asthma and cancers. Denice has spent years in researching and self-studying in food nutrients and ingredients substitution in cooking.

  • About


    Whilst Kaman had the basic knowledge in baking, her relentless strive for perfection in her products had led her to take up the Diplome De Patisserie (Diploma in Patisserie) at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu, known as the school behind some of the world’s greatest pastry chefs. The first stage of the Diploma was at the Sydney, Australia campus, with the second stage being completed at the Paris campus, fulfilling her lifelong dream of studying patisserie in France. During her final stage Kaman worked with some of Australia’s leading chocolatiers, where she refined her skill in creating beautiful chocolate pieces.

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