RISE believes that
baking is all about warmth and happiness

ABOUT Icy Wong

"Jump out of Hong Kong" is the famous saying of our Founder, Icy Wong.

In 2015, Icy "jumped" out of Hong Kong, studied and graduated from the Bakery course at Le Corden Bleu.

Icy created RISE with a view of bringing the most professional, and the most natural baking techniques for Hong Kong people. She hopes to continue to attract more top tier baking / pastry chefs around the world, their best techniques, and their traditional yet innovative products to Hong Kong.

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At RISE, our passion is to promote the traditional French
method of artisan breads and fine pastries through long fermentation
processes; allowing the dough to develop more time and 'RISE'
with much more flavour and texture.


Not only does the full-flavored crust
brighten up your day - the sharing of warm loaves of bread
resonates emotional harmony in every bite.


Our breads and pastries are hand-made fresh every day using only
the finest homemade and seasonal ingredients. With a premium look
and taste, experience wonder and delight in every bite with
uncompromising quality.

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